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Politics and International Studies: Research Support


Sage Research Methods

Contains information on qualitiative and quantitative research methods, designing research methods, and video case studies. Access to Datasets 1 and 2 only.

Books - close to 900 titles such as Comparative Historical Methods and Using Narrative in Research

Little Green books - 174 titles from the series Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences including titles such as Quantitative Narrative AnalysisMethods of Randomization in Experimental Design, and Working with Archival Data

Little Blue books - 46 titles from a Qualitative Research Methods series including titles such as Analyzing Visual DataUnderstanding Ethnographic Texts, and Strategies for Interpreting Qualitative Data

Major works - 6 titles These tend to be multi-volume works. e.g. SAGE Qualitative Research Methods and SAGE Secondary Data Analysis

Handbooks - 55 titles e.g. The SAGE Handbook of Child Research  and Data Literacy: a User's Guide

Reference books - 15 titles, specialized encyclopedias and dictionaries for quick answers and definitions such as Encyclopedia of Evaluation and Dictionary of Statistics & Methodology

(Journal) Articles - published in research methods books, usually major works, and in encyclopedias and dictionaries rather than in journals

Datasets - over 150 datasets from research studies; can be used to try out data analysis

Video - limited access to SAGE's video content; refine by "Available to me" for accessible titles

Project Planner listed as both a Content Type and a Research Tool, includes answers to questions such as "What is Sampling?"

Citation Searching

Google Scholar 
broadly searches the web for scholarly literature across disciplines and source types: journal articles, theses etc. from publisher websites and institutional repositories.

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