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Social Work: Books

Social Work

Print Books


Most of our print books can be borrowed. If the book you want is on loan, you can "Click and Collect" it and you will get an email when it comes back.

Our printed books are arranged by subject classification. The classification scheme can seem complicated to start with, but you will soon get used to it.  Books for Counselling are distributed across the library.  Science stock including Medicine, is on the second floor extension. Psychology books are on the third floor; Education stock, Law and Official Publications are on the fourth floor and Social Science material is on the fifth floor.

Reading Lists


Your tutor will point you to your reading list. We do have some reading lists in Talis, our reading list system, which link items in lists directly with relevant e-books, scanned chapters, or the library catalogue with information about where to find the book in the Library.

Library Search

Library Search

Finding books

Request a book

Is there a book you need, which we don't stock? Tell us!

Get It For Me

Black and white papers on a shelf

Get It For Me

For items not available in the library, use our document supply service.

Request articles, books and chapters for your research.

Order new books, borrow inter-library loans, digitise articles and chapters, request postal loans.