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Economics: Country

Guide to economics resources at University of Warwick Library. Includes books, journals, databases, study skills, referencing and economics librarian.

Business and Economics: Country & Region Data

Country Information

Image of a globe showing brightly coloured countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Country & Region

Country data presents key demographic and macroeconomic statistics for a country or region. Key indicators include population, birth/death rate, life expectancy, unemployment, GDP, debt, exchange rates, interest rates, inflation, balance of payments.

Country profiles present an overview of the social, economic and political situation of a city, country or region. They include key statistics on population, education, employment, finance, health and trade.

Country risk reports and risk ratings present analysis of the social, economic and political conditions in a city, country or region, along with recommendations on the opportunities and risks of conducting business in a particular area.

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Country and Regional Data

World Bank logoWorld Bank Open Data | World Bank DataBank | World Bank Microdata Library 
Global financial and development data from the World Bank

Search for data by country or world development indicators. Create own statistical tables, charts and reports from World Bank data using Data Bank. Access International Debt Statistics (IDS) and Global Findex Database on financial inclusion and access to financial services.

IMF logoIMF Data | IMF Data Portal | IMF eLibrary 
Global economic and financial data from the International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Data Portal includes International Financial Statistics, Government Financial Statistics, and Balance of Payments. eLibrary includes flagship series: World Economic Outlook, Regional Economic Outlook, Global Financial Stability Report, IMF Staff Country Reports, Working Papers and Policy Papers.

OECD logoOECD Data | OCED.Stat Portal | OECD iLibrary
Economic, financial and social statistics and data from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
Browse reports and data by Theme and/or Country, or access Statistical Databases directly including Main Economic Indicators, OECD Economic Outlook, and OECD Employment Statistics.

Our World In Data logoOur World In Data 
Open access visualisation of global social, health, economic, political and environment data from Global Change Data Lab

Uses research data to answer global problems. Browse articles by Topic, or search for articles by keyword.

ProQuest logoStatistical Abstracts of the World & Statistical Abstracts of the US
Compendium of social, political and economic statistics for 40 countries across the world. Presents official statistics from national and international agencies in a single interface. Also includes UN Demographic Yearbook and World Development Indicators.

Country and Regional Profiles

ProQuest logoABI/INFORM Global 
Country and regional reports from Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) ViewsWire including country data, factsheets, briefings, economic indicators, economic and political outlooks, and risk analysis.

Available via AI/INFORM Global > Menu > Browse > EIU ViewsWire. Either search for reports, or browse by subject, country or publication date.

EBSCO logoBusiness Source Ultimate 
Country profiles from Marketline providing PEST and PESTLE analysis (political, economic, social, technological, legal and environment); Country risk reports from Fitch Solutions (formerly BMI Research) and IHS Markit (S&P Global).

Available via Business Source Ultimate > Search = Country Name > Publication Type = Country Report.

Europa World Yearbook logoEuropa World Plus 
Country, regional and organisational profiles from Europa World Year Book and Regional Surveys of the World.
Includes geographic, demographic, social, political and economic statistics and reports, plus directories on government, society and business.

Search or browse by region, country or international organisation. Also access comparative statistics for countries and regions.

Mergent Online logoMergent Online 
Country economic profile and risk reports from Dun & Bradstreet including annual Country Insight Report and monthly Country Insight Snapshot featuring D&B country credit risk and rating outlook; country, regional and global insight; and detailed coverage of country risk.

Available via Mergent Online > Country Insight menu > expand Region-Country menu > select Country.

Passport logoPassport
Profiles of 210 countries and regions across the world from Euromonitor International. Country Reports include Economy, Finance and Trade reports and PEST Analysis (political, economic, social and technology), and related reports and statistics.

Available via Passport > Economies menu > Economy Finance and Trade menu > Analysis = Country Report > Category = Economy, Finance and Trade > Geography = Country

Statista logoStatista 
Country and regional reports and outlooks from Statista. Country Profiles presents key socio-economic statistics for countries and regions across the world. Country Outlooks provides analysis of the economy, labour force, business environment, digital economy, society, public sector, environment and health of 160 countries.

Available via Statista > Reports menu > Country and Region Reports or Statista > Outlooks menu > Country Outlook. Alternatively, search for country or region and limit to Studies & Reports > Markets & Countries > Country, City or Outlook.

World Factbook logoWorld Factbook 
Open access profiles of 266 countries, regions and oceans across the world from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
Includes maps, flags, photographs, history, geography, politics, economy, society, and transnational issues. Also enables user to build and download tables of comparable data.