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Economics: Law for Business and Economics

Guide to economics resources at University of Warwick Library. Includes books, journals, databases, study skills, referencing and economics librarian.

Law for Business and Economics


Lady JusticeLaw databases include primary (legislation and case law) and secondary (dictionary, encyclopaedia, book and journal) sources of legal information. 

This page outlines the key law and official publications databases for business and economics. For more comprehensive information, refer to the subject guide for law.

A and Z keys on keyboardDatabase A-Z Complete list of all law databases at University of Warwick library.

Law Trove

Law Trove iconLaw Trove is a collection of 200+ law textbooks published by Oxford University Press, including business, company, commercial (banking), competition and intellectual property subject collections.

Lexis + UK

Lexis Nexis iconLexis+ UK  
A legal research and practical guidance database from Lexis Nexis, including primary and secondary sources of legal information, and current awareness services. Key features of the database include:

  • Words and Phrases Legally Defined law dictionary and Halsbury's Laws of England encyclopaedia.
  • Journals index and selected full-text journal articles including New Law Journal, Journal of Competition Law and Economics, Journal of Financial Crime, Journal of International Economic Law and World Trade Review.
  • Legal practice guidance including overviews, practice notes and standard forms.
  • Banking & Finance practice area includes Encyclopaedia of Banking LawPaget's Law of Banking and the Journal of International Banking and Finance Law. Corporate practice area includes Boyle and Birds' Company Law, Gore-Browne on Companies, Butterworths Company Law Handbook, and Butterworths Corporate Law Service.

Westlaw Edge UK

Thomson Reuters logoWestlaw Edge UK
A legal research database from Thomson Reuters, including primary and secondary sources of legal information, and current awareness services. Key features of the database include:

  • Index of Legal Terms featuring Osborn's, Jowitt's and Stroud's law dictionaries and Westlaw Topics encyclopaedia articles.
  • Legal Journals Index and selected full-text journal articles including British Tax Review, Company Lawyer, Journal of Business Law, Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation, International Business Law Journal, and World Trade Review.
  • Selected specialist law practitioner texts including Palmer's Company Law, Totty, Moss and Segal on Insolvency, Goode and Gullifer on Legal Problems of Credit and Security.


Legislation is the laws created by Parliament, and it includes Statutes or Acts of Parliament, and Statutory Instruments. Printed legislation including Statutes at Large, Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, Law Reports Statutes, Public General Acts and Measures and Current Law Statutes Annotated are available from shelf mark 41 P 22 on the 4th floor of the library. 

Lexis+ UK and Westlaw Edge UK
The best legislation databases are Lexis+ UK and Westlaw Edge UK. Both contain the full amended and consolidated text of in-force Statutes and Statutory Instruments. Both include commencement information, annotated notes and citation services, with cross-references to related information. 

The National Archives logoLegislation.Gov.UK
The official open access website of UK legislation from 1267 to the current day from The National Archives. Includes Statutes and Statutory Instruments from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. 

Public Information Online logoPublic Information Online
Includes full-text Public General Acts from 1900 to the current day and a Pepper v Hart search tool which enables discovery of related parliamentary papers.

Case Law

Case law is the laws created by Courts, and the decisions of the courts are published as law reports. Printed law reports including the English Reports, The Law Reports, Weekly Law Reports, Current Law Yearbook and The Digest are available from shelf mark 41 R 85 on the 4th floor of the library. 

Lexis+ UK and Westlaw Edge UK
The best case law databases are Lexis+ UK and Westlaw Edge UK. Both contain case law indexes and citation services (including judicial history and treatment) and cross-references to related information. Both include the The Law Reports and English Reports, alongside specialist law reports and judgments. 

BAILII iconBritish and Irish Legal Information Institute
BAILII (Bailey) is an open access law database which includes full-text primary and secondary sources of legal information. It is best known for coverage of case law, including decisions of the Privy Council, Supreme Court, House of Lords, Court of Appeal and Tribunals. It also includes case law from Jersey and St Helena, and Law Commission reports.

The National ArchivesFind Case Law
The new official open access website of UK case law from The National Archives. Includes decisions from Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, England and Wales High Court and Upper Tribunals from 2003 to the current day. 

Official Publications

Official publications are the publications of government and parliament. They include press releases, policy documents, consultation papers, statistics, reports, command papers, draft legislation (Bills), and parliamentary votes and debates (Hansard).

Gov UK logoGov.UK - official website of the UK government, updated daily. Includes the official websites of all government departments, agencies and public bodies. All publications are available open access including press releases, speeches, guidance and regulations, policy papers and consultations (White and Green Papers), research and statistics.

Parliament logo (portculis)Parliament.UK - official website of the UK Parliament at Westminster, updated daily. All publications are available open access including House of Commons Papers, House of Lords Papers, Votes, Hansard Debates, Bills, Bill Tracker, Committees. Also includes Research Briefings produced by the House of Commons Library, House of Lords Library and Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology (POST).

PIO logoPublic Information Online - current and historical archive of parliamentary papers (1901-), includes House of Commons Papers, House of Lords Papers, Hansard Debates, Public General Acts, Also includes the Civil Service Yearbook, a complete list of all governmental departments, positions, staff and contact details.

They Work for You logoThey Work For You - an open data website which enables members of the public to see the work of the UK (Westminster) parliament and their local MP. With companion websites for the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Parliament, Northern Ireland Assembly and London Assembly.

Proquest logoUK Parliamentary Papers - historical archive of UK parliamentary papers, includes House of Commons Papers (c18th to c21st), House of Lords Papers (c19th), Public Petitions to Parliament, and Hansard Debates (1803-2005).

Doing Legal Research Tutorial

Moodle iconDoing Legal Research

Doing Legal Research is the University of Warwick Library's self-study Moodle course.

It introduces students to different types of legal information, and shows you how to find, use and reference them using a range of library and law databases.

It also shows you how to research a legal topic, including using law dictionaries, encyclopadias and practical guidance, as well as books, journals, legislation and case law.

[Module coming soon]

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